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Sound, video and interactivity are becoming an integral part of furnishing conference rooms and schools more and more. Smit combines high-end interactive AV-solutions with traditional visual supplies and functional surfaces to achieve the most productive environment possible. Smit are able to work with you on turn-key project solutions.

Smit are committed to a green agenda.  Watch their video on sustainability below.


Chameleon projection boards

Chameleon is a range that operates as a perfectly normal whiteboard, but can also be used as a projection screen.  Project and annotate, with digital ink as well as with traditional markers on one and the same surface. The secret is Smit’s matt enamel hybrid surface, that reduces glare, eliminates hot spots and yet is dry erasable with normal whiteboard pens.

These products have particular applications in education settings, or other environments where a short or ultra-short throw projector is being used.


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Social distancing screens and partitions

A solution for organisations to allow staff to work together safely. Smit Visual manufacturers a series of safety screens characterised by their stability, low weight and sound materials.  Range includes partition walls, moveable screens, desk dividers all in a range of materials.

Smit social distancing