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Projecta is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high quality projection screens and AV furniture. Projecta formulates and develops proprietary projection surfaces to ensure a surface for any application with a constant high quality.

Projecta is part of Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.


Descender Pro with SightLine Cable-Drop System

The new SightLine option features a cable-drop system that makes the projection screen virtually float in your room when in use and completely disappears when not in use. This makes SightLine ideal for today’s hybrid applications where office room environments are not solely dedicated to one single presentation, meeting room or videoconferencing application.

The DescenderPro with SightLine replaces the standard black border above the projection area with 3 or 4 thin cables that can be extended up to 180 cm on-site. Now your view above the projection screens projection area is no longer blocked and gives the impression of a large floating image. Drop the projection screen to the height you need while preserving the look of the room when unrolled, the way the architect intended.

And, as the DescenderPro is a ceiling recessed projection screen, when rolled in the entire projection screen becomes invisible. This unique cable-drop system makes SightLine a perfect solution for any room with great architecture or high ceilings.

Descender Pro

The most comprehensive ceiling recessed projection screen in the market. Redesigned and improved for ease of installation and a clean finish.  The roller with motor and screen surface can be ‘clicked’ in-place for easy installation and servicing. Once installed, the motor and screen surface remain accessible. After installation, the closure panel and side-caps align for a clean finish without gaps.

Choose between the unique 2-step installation or use direct 1-step installation-option.

The case and the projection screen surface can be made to exactly the right size and the case is available in any colour for optimal integration into any interior.

Now available with SightLine cable drop system.


Tensioned Elpro Concept

When the case of the projection screen cannot be installed into the ceiling, offer the elegant, high-end designed Elpro Concept instead. The Tensioned Elpro Concept is available with the latest technology in projection surfaces designed for 4K and Ultra HD to maximize the technology of your projector.

Projecta raises the bar for every wall or ceiling installation. The leaf-shaped case of the Elpro Concept offers a stylish solution for design-sensitive installations.The entire range of Elpro Concept is available up to a width of 380 cm wide and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.


The tab-tensioning system will keep the projection surface under a constant tensioning for a perfectly flat viewing area. A flat projection surface will get the most out of your projector, making sure no pixels get lost or deformed. If detail is important a perfectly flat projection area is vital.  Click below to learn more.


Full Vision

Projecta’s FullVision is a new wrap-around projection screen that can be used with the latest projector technology. The FullVision’s borderless and low-profile fixed frame projection screen enables the entire surface to be used for projection. The FullVision is available with HD Progressive surfaces, the latest technology in projection surfaces designed for 4K and Ultra HD to maximize the technology of your projector.

The surface of this screen wraps around the aluminum frame and attaches to the rear. The FullVision is available in custom sizes up to 400 cm height and 600 cm width, and all projection surfaces are seamless.

The FullVision is a great choice for any space where the screen should blend into the room design when not in use, but should deliver the very best in projection when the projector turns on.



Large size projection screen designed for high resolution projection with a perfectly flat surface. Larger installations often use high resolution projectors and for high resolution projection we recommend to use HD Progressive projection surfaces.

Projecta expands the range of tab-tensioned projection screens up to a width of 600 cm. The Extensa is a new projection screen for medium to large rooms with a tab-tensioned projection surface. The tensioning cable system prevents warping and ensures even lateral tension for a perfectly flat viewing area.


Home Screen deluxe

Luxurious, high quality fixed frame screen with a black velvet frame finish and a wide selection of screen surfaces.

The flat aluminium frame for the HomeScreen Deluxe hasa black velvet cover, which eliminates reflection and serves to absorb projected light. The frame (8 cm wide and 3 cm deep) features a beveled edge, reducing shadowing in the viewing area.

The projection screen surface is attached to the rear of the screen with Velcro®. The frame and projection screen surface can be custom made to project requirements. The projection surface is exceptionally flat, making it suitable for all types of data and video projection.




Parallax is a projection technology that features an advanced optical lens system that rejects light, rather than only diffusing light.

Parallax is made up of multiple micro-layers to achieve its light blocking properties and superior viewing angles. Each micro-layer has a function in creating the brightly lit display. Layers that are black boost contrast and absorb ambient light from the sides, while a specially shaped layer blocks light from above.

Two ambient light rejecting surfaces are available in a fixed frame; Parallax 0.8 for standard throw projectors and Parallax UST 0.45 for ultra short-throw projectors. Both products are flexible, shipping in a roll, and feature speckle and glare-free surfaces.