For residential or professional applications, Oray offer several categories of screens suitable for all types of projects, including portable and concealed.  They also produce custom made screens to your specific needs.

Motorised Screens

Quiet and robust, the motorised screens are mounted on the wall or on the ceiling as standard. There are many other options such as: under pole, fixed by slings, spacing off the wall. Each screen has its own special features.Various optional systems allow you to control the ascent and descent of the projection surface, simplifying the operation.

Most of thescreens can be custom made : size of the frame, projection surface, colour of the frame, etc.


Oray motorised

Manual Screens

Oray manual screens offer great quality for the price.  Stop the screens at the most suitable height, mount on wall or ceiling or with additional accessories offset from the wall.

modern living room

Portable Screens

Oray offers a complete range of portable screens. Install or uninstall in seconds,  these screens are available in different formats: square, 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10.


Oray portable

Tripod Screens

Used worldwide, in residential, institutional and professional settings, tripod screens are ideal for business travellers and for any environment where you want to tidy the screen away after use.
Fast opening and closing, easily transportable, complete with cover and of course, no installation necessary.

Conference room with a big polished table and arm-chairs

Flight case screens


Ideal for events or screen rentals, these screens have a separate surface that is attached with snap fasteners to guarantee the fabric tension, and clip hinges to ensure quick and easy set-up.
They are come with flight cases, are very lightweight and are simple to set up and easy to move.

Oray flight case

Fixed Frame Screens

Fixed frame screens are ideal to partner with short and ultra short-throw projections. They meet high standards of aesthetics and integration, flatness and robustness, and are ideal for all markets.