You’ve invested in a  decent screen so it makes sense to look after it. Here is how to prolong the lifespan of your projection screen:

  1. Avoid mounting the screen near the window or heat source
  2. When mounting the screen use adequate equipment to make sure the screen is absolutely level as even a slight deflection may cause the screen surface to stretch over time and thus reduce the lifespan of your screen.
  3. Always roll the screen back into the box after use.  Do not leave the screen in the down position.
  4. Avoid getting water or other liquids onto the screen. You can use the following method to clean small marks off the screen surface:Prepare a small bowl of water and place few drops of the washing up liquid into the water.  Use a cotton bud dipped in the water mixture to apply a small amount of liquid gently to the problematic area on the screen.  Remove with a dry cotton bud.  Never apply too much liquid to the surface.
  5. If there are small indentations on the screen (from knocks, etc), applying gentle heat to the area will often allow the dent in the screen to ease out.  Use a warm iron or similar and apply from the rear of the screen.  Never use a naked flame!

If you have a damaged screen and want to know if it can be repaired, give our Screen Specialists a call for advice.

Here’s a video with advice from Da-Lite.

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