A good screen really does matter!

When setting up a video projection system, the video projection screen is just as important as the projector itself. A top end projector cannot be used to its full potential without a good, well matched screen.  It is important to look after your screen and to know when it is time to replace the screen.

The most common fault for a screen is that it ripples on the surface.  This particular fault normally starts with a small area which will then progressively develop into a larger area.

The impact of this sort of distortion on a small screen is often limited as the projector does not require a high performance screen.  However, larger screens tend to receive images from larger, more advanced projectors.  These projectors produce very high resolution images that require flat, stable screens to ensure the image is displayed to it’s best.

If you are concerned about the performance of a large projector, start by reviewing the screen and replace this if there are any signs of degradation.  And if you are replacing a projector, then you should also replace the screen.  See this article when considering a replacement screen.

Large screens are expensive, both to buy and install.  But the cost of replacement is also very large so it is always advisable to purchase a good quality screen from an established screen manufacturer in the first place to avoid further cost.

Audio Visual Material is a distributor who has built up an excellent reputation for selling high quality audio visual products. Projection screens is a large part of our business and an area of expertise.  We only offer high quality projection screens from vendors who manufacture screens to exceptional quality standards and also have excellent environmental credentials.

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